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Former White House Chief Strategist Bannon Backs Trump Despite His ‘Insane’ Comment

Ex-White House Strategist Bannon has praised Trump and said that he still will “…support him day in and day out…” despite Trump’s previous comments.

Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon is heaping new praise on Donald Trump after the president scathingly dismissed him as insane and irrelevant for disparaging his family in published remarks.

“The President of the United States is a great man,” the executive chairman of right-wing news website Breitbart told SiriusXM late Wednesday.

“You know I support him day in and day out, whether going through the country giving the Trump Miracle speech or on the show or on the website.”

Mr. Trump reacted with outrage after the release of explosive excerpts from a new book in which Mr. Bannon described Mr. Trump’s eldest son’s meeting with a Kremlin-connected lawyer as “treasonous” and “unpatriotic.”

“Steve Bannon has nothing to do with me or my presidency. When he was fired, he not only lost his job, he lost his mind,” the Republican president said in a statement.

Mr. Bannon was one of the main architects of Mr. Trump’s upset victory in the 2016 presidential elections. He was also the President’s chief White House strategist for six months.

One of Mr. Trump’s lawyers, Charles Harder, has sent Mr. Bannon a cease-and-desist letter accusing him of violating a non-disclosure agreement by speaking to the author of the book.

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