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One-hour Noon Nap Significantly Sharpens Brain, Study Finds


A recent study has shown that people who took a nap for an hour before or after the noon
performed better on a test than others who didn’t snooze at all.

It’s not the first study that proves the holistic benefit of napping. However, only a few companies provide their employees with a nap room. 29 percent of workers in the U.S. report becoming very sleepy or even falling asleep at work, which cost $63 billion in lost productivity in the U.S. each year.

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania found that a good 60 minutes of sleep after lunch time improves cognition and helps brain perform as it is five years younger.

The team studied 3,000 elderly Chinese people over 65 years of age. All participants took daily tests that measured their memory, math and drawing skills.

Researchers found out that people who did sleep during the afternoon scored better than those who didn’t sleep.

Scientists also argued that either absence of too much napping are “associated with poorer cognition,” but naps of moderate time – around an hour- are associated with better cognition and “may be an important part of optimizing cognition in elderly adults.”

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