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PHOTOS: Some Of Best Banners In Muslim Ban Protests


Some of the best banners displayed during Muslim Ban protests across the United States.

I Was Beaten Once

Mike Pence

Muslims in Uniform

Christians Against Muslim Ban

End the Muslim Ban

Fought Next To Muslims

No To Muslim Ban

Love My Muslim Neighbors


I Will Walk With You

We Are Humans Too

Ban Bannon, Not My Grandma

I Am Not Free…

Humanity Calling

Free Legal Help

Nowhere Else To Go

Free Hugs

Black Muslim Lives Matter

We Are All Muslims Now

Not On My Watch


Jesus Was A Refugee

Never Again

Build This Wall

I Don’t Bite


Inshallah We Will

Not Today

Muslim Married To A Jew


Go Ask Anne Frank

No Allegiance

No Human Is Illegal

Neighbor Is a Moral Concept

Trump Out, Refugees In

Step Up


Refugees Are Welcome


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