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Merkel to Turkey: Stop Nazi Comparisons


In a display of exasperation and fury, German Chancellor Angela Merkel fumed over Turkey’s repetition of Nazi remarks over ban on Turkish rallies in Germany, vowing to take necessary measures if the Nazi comparisons do not end.

A day after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s unload of Nazi accusations against Mrs. Merkel whom he accused of employing Nazi measures to stop his ministers, the German chancellor urged an immediate halt to such comparisons.

Her frustration came to view at a press conference along with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Hannover. Mrs. Merkel said in a written statement that the German Foreign Ministry sent a diplomatic note to Turkey, calling for halting Nazi remarks.

“My demand that Turkey should stop Nazi comparisons remains in force, without ifs and buts,” Mrs. Merkel said.

Restrictions on Turkish ministers for holding campaign rallies in Germany and the Netherlands sparked a diplomatic dispute as Ankara accused the EU countries of clinging to Nazi tactics. Mr. Erdogan even called the Netherlands as Nazi remnants, fascists, drawing a strong backlash from the Dutch government.

The row between Amsterdam and Ankara plunged to a boiling point when Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte did not allow Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu’s plane to land in Rotterdam, and the Dutch police’s blocking of a female Turkish minister from entering the city through land road.

President Erdogan unleashed relentless tirades against the Dutch government. Mrs. Merkel backed the Dutch government in the row, describing Nazi charges as misguided and misplaced. She also said such comparisons would lead to the trivialization of the victims’ suffering under Nazi atrocities and crimes.

On Monday, Mrs. Merkel renewed her plea to the Turkish officials to stop such remarks.

“Unfortunately we see that these comparisons have not ceased, and we are not going to allow the constant excuse that the end justifies the means, or permit every taboo to be broken with no regard to the suffering of those who were persecuted and murdered under Nazism.”

Turkish politicians here in Germany would be allowed to take place only if they are in line with the principles of the constitution,” Mrs. Merkel said.

She added that Berlin otherwise reserves the right to “use all necessary measures including a re-examination of all appearances approved as part of the diplomatic communication.”


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