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Erdogan Cited Hitler’s Germany To Promote Presidential System


Turkey has a president whose pastime is to throw Nazi slurs on European nations, particularly Germany and the Netherlands. This is not the first time he is invoking Nazi era to compare practices of other countries.

In the past, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also compared Israeli and Syrian governments to Nazis. While he is accusing European nations of Nazi practices, a video shows he cited Hitler’s Germany as a precedent.

In a speech in 2015, Mr. Erdogan is seen referring to Hitler’s Germany as an example while he was making a case for the presidential system. Mr. Erdogan’s remarks were made at a time when the opposition claimed at the time that Turkey would be turned into a divided federal state if the presidential system is introduced.

During a press conference, Mr. Erdogan was asked about his views on whether or not the presidential system is possible in unitary states. In the video, Mr. Erdogan says there is no such thing like “a presidential system can’t exist in unitary states.”

He provided Hitler’s Germany as an example how the presidential system could be introduced while the unitary state is preserved.


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