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US Slams Venezuelan Officials With Fresh Sanctions

The United States has imposed another round of sanctions on several Venezuelan officials linked to President Nicolas Maduro, falling short of hitting the country’s vital oil shipments.

The Treasury Department added eight individuals from Venezuela to its sanctions list in response to Mr. Maduro’s creation of a new legislative super-body despite growing international condemnation. The department said the former and current officials were involved in organizing or supporting the creation of the legislative body in an election that Washington labeled as “sham.”

The department also slapped sanctions on Mr. Maduro on July 31, one of the few head of state sanctioned by Washington. Days before, 13 Venezuelan officials were sanctioned by the U.S.

Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin said Mr. Maduro swore in this “illegitimate Constituent Assembly to further entrench his dictatorship,” and continues to tighten his grip on the country. He added that the regime’s disregard for the will of the Venezuelan people is unacceptable, and the U.S. will stand with them in “opposition to tyranny until Venezuela is restored to a peaceful and prosperous democracy.”

Designations on Wednesday includes seven current and former Venezuelan officials and one individual who has participated in actions or policies that undermine democratic processes or institutions in Venezuela. All assets of these individuals are frozen, and Americans are prohibited from dealing with them.

The U.S. is yet to unleash crippling sanctions against Venezuela’s oil sector, considered as a lifeline of the nation’s already devastated economy.

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