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How To Counter Rise of Fascism?

Charlottesville rally awakens us from the rhetoric of “don’t worry …it will be fine” blabbering heard in the suburbs of middle-class households and neighborhoods. The audacious presentation of Nazified insignias and the Confederate flag offers us a glimpse of unified mobility of alt-right fringes.

The militaristic parade of young, middle-aged and old white persons explains to us the group militantism that is inspired by the sanctimonious act of guns owning society.

These groups cannot be simply defined as a hate-driven crime-mongering outfit. It is racially centered and thus a historical atrocity that carries with it the experience of the bad past. In its appearance and goal-infested mechanism, this fanaticism is certainly a disciplined cadre-based organization with a set long-term strategy.

The declaration of the violent acts of the right wing as terrorism is incomplete. It is a categorical signification of privileged terrorism. Where one is privileged in a society to commit such acts and remain committed without being stereotyped, prejudged and vilified for their belonging to a particular race.

The ethnostateism as a primer to impose the nefarious intimidations is convinced by the principle of becoming a dominating ruling class where mono-racial supreme commands strongly. To rule is the cache of such right-wing ideologies.

The counter protest to the alt-right rally was the right call and demonstrative of a committed earth loving force. The African-American groups have been echoing these issues in its camps, demonstrations, and rallies for long. Their human appeal needs to be heard often as a wake-up-and-get-back-to-work call.

This moment is not a reminder. It is already in process. The consolidation of the fringe groups, and their eventual triumph by organizing such rallies only emboldens the demands of a confined racial future derived from the irks of nationalism.

Analysts are quick to point out the reasons for the current situation. Many extend their blame to the state which did not cater to the needs of the economically deprived people thereby creating a white “ignored” class. The topology of neoliberalism, imperialism, capitalism— all bespeak to the methodical cleavage of race, class, and gender.

The rallying cause of the aggressive groups dovetailed with a violent culmination brings forth the urgent need for the progressives around the world to stand undeterred and intolerant. These provocateurs only belong to the history books. They have no right to domicile in the peace loving society. The cultural spaces that promote human extermination—on whatever grounds, need to be suppressed immediately.

The extremists are fighting against the in-fighting groups: blacks, Jews, Muslims, indigenous peoples, sexual minorities, etc. The unification of the marginalized groups among the oppressed has the possibility to provide a current image of real protest. It is perhaps time that the Jewish groups who had borne the brunt of such historical failures need to stand in guard with fellow Middle Eastern neighbors, including Palestinians. We also need to account those among the in-fighting groups who are convinced about the supremacist beliefs. Be it the elite class of the South Asians, the Middle Eastern, or the Jews.

In the way, Google and other private corporations have subtracted the promotion of terrorist ideologies like ISIS. It should also categorically identify the white alt-right interactions that are birthing ground for dastardly racialized ideas. History of the European enlightenment brought forth the extermination of ‘otherly’ humans. Hitler and Fascism were a product of lied mentions.

In his magisterial work, ‘The Age of Extremes’ historian Eric Hobsbawm claims that the fascist ideals that inspired the likes of Mussolini and Hitler had no concrete philosophical foundations. So the argument that the white supremacists are a band of philosophically committed ideologues is perhaps not true and that they are only responding to the stale and un-new model proposed in the era of European-sponsored imperialism.

The white groups who are benefitting from the system of racialized unaccountability now should be tolerant and carefully listen to their fellow minority groups. White talk is often monologue and does not provide satisfactory answers.

The progressives who believe in the values of collective humanhood now need to embolden their spirits and get on the streets. The blanket of fascism affects everyone on earth, thanks to the aggressive neoliberal invasion and advanced capitalism.

The winds of Fascism are chilling. It is approaching every corner of the cartography. The world needs to raise the voice, stand on the feet and march against the current age—the Age of Nonsense and be an Age of Resistance.

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