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Minister Slams Germany Over Shaping EU Policy Against Turkey

Turkey’s EU minister and chief negotiator sharply criticized Germany over what it says influencing, and even shaping, EU policy toward Turkey with unilateral dictates in disregarding collective decision-making culture in Brussels.

Germany has found itself at the center of a barrage of tirades led by Turkish Minister Omer Celik who is representing Ankara in negotiations with EU leaders.

A day after German Chancellor Angela Merkel said there would be no opening of a new chapter in already stalled talks with Turkey, and no expansion of customs union agreement with Ankara, Mr. Celik swiftly slammed the German prime minister.

Ms. Merkel’s vow with strong conviction is read by Turkey as a subversion of EU system by one member.

“We should emphasize that no EU member should give orders to EU institutions or EU processes. These situations are very dangerous, they represent statements that harm the EU’s credibility,” Reuters quoted Mr. Celik as saying.

He stressed that updating the customs union would benefit both Turkey and EU, and added that Turkey is in no rush.

Turkey’s relations with Germany relapsed into a state of lingering row after a German rights activist and a journalist remanded in custody. The charges of terrorism and espionage against the two strained relations with Germany which signals revisiting its deeply rooted business relations with Turkey. Annual trade volume hovers around 36 billion euros.

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