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Fatah and Hamas Agree to Reconciliation Deal in Cairo

The Palestinian parties Fatah and Hamas signed a reconciliation deal in Cairo on Thursday, agreeing to hold elections and establish control of the border crossing from the Gaza strip.

Azzam al-Ahmad, head of the Palestinian Authority delegation, said in a press conference that the two parties agreed on security measures for the border crossing between Gaza and Egypt. Mr. al-Ahmad said the presidential guards “will be spread over all the borders,” including the Rafah crossing, beginning on November 1.

Al Jazeera reported that the agreement also includes a provision for legislative, national council and presidential elections within a year. The full details of the agreement have not been released.

The Palestinian Authority controls the West Bank but Hamas has administered the Gaza strip for a decade. Hamas and the Fatah party split in June 2007, and entered Egypt-brokered talks in an attempt to reconcile their long-standing dispute. The parties met last month for the first time in nearly three years.

Palestinian Government Meets in Gaza for First Time Since 2014

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