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Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri Puts Resignation on Hold

Lebanon’s Prime Minister Saad Hariri announced Wednesday he was putting his resignation on hold to give way for more consultations.

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri announced on Wednesday that his resignation, announced nearly three weeks ago, was put on hold to allow more political consultations to take place.

In surprise conciliatory comments from the presidential palace, Mr. Hariri said he is putting Lebanon’s interest first and is looking forward to a “real partnership with all political forces to put Lebanon’s higher interest before any other interests.”

He said he presented his resignation to President Michel Aoun at the presidential palace, but then responded to Aoun’s request to take more time for consultations, “hoping it will constitute a serious opening for a responsible dialogue.”

“Our beloved nation needs in this critical period exceptional efforts from everyone to protect it in the face of dangers and challenges,” Mr. Hariri said in a statement from the presidential palace.

He reiterated the need for Lebanon to remain neutral on regional disputes and conflicts “and all that undermines internal stability and brotherly relations with Arab brothers.”

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