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Turks Who Sued Erdogan Over Insults Arrested


At least 7 people were arrested in Turkey after pressing charges against the Turkish president over “offensive remarks,” accused of being part of a terrorist organization.

These, along with 14 others, sued President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Antalya in February 2014 after the president said: “we will invade your lairs.” Offended, they sued Mr. Erdogan on grounds that the president insulted them. Plaintiffs included businessmen, teachers, and village administrators.

Soon after twin corruption investigations in December 2013 that targeted Mr. Erdogan’s inner circle, then-prime minister blamed the Gulen movement for a plot to overthrow him through the judiciary. Fighting back against allegations, Mr. Erdogan repeatedly vowed to “invade your lairs.”

This month, Antalya Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation into 21 plaintiffs who sued Mr. Erdogan. 9 of these suspects were already imprisoned as part of separate investigations. Law enforcement initially detained 10 suspects this month and arrested 7 of them pending trial on Tuesday. They are all accused of being a part of a terror group, financing a terrorist organization and recruiting terrorists.

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