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Erdogan Says Europeans May Not Safely Set Foot On Streets


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said Europeans and Westerns may not safely set foot on streets, a statement critics interpreted as a veiled threat.

Speaking in Ankara on Wednesday, Mr. Erdogan said he calls on Europeans who “shake their finger at us.”

“Turkey is not a country that you can toss back and forth, hurt its pride, turn its ministers back from gates and drag its citizens over the ground,” Mr. Erdogan said in an address in his palace in the capital.

Noting that these developments are closely watched everywhere in the world, Mr. Erdogan said if Europeans continue acting this way, “nowhere in the world can any European, any Western safely, peacefully set foot on streets.”

“If you open this dangerous path, you will suffer the most,” the president said, inviting European countries to respect democracy, human rights, and freedoms.


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