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Erdogan Signals To Extend State of Emergency


President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has made little secret of his intentions to extend the state of emergency, hinting that the Turkish government would press for another extension when it expires on April 19.

Three days after Turkey’s critical referendum, the three-month state of emergency is poised to expire. Public expectations for the end of the state of emergency, which gives the government to mandate to rule the country with decrees that have full force of laws, are likely to be misplaced.

When asked at a televised interview on Thursday, the president said there is no obstacle for the extension, and said after a recommendation from National Security Council (MGK), the government would consider bringing the issue to Parliament.

Mr. Erdogan’s signal sends a chilling message for opponents and victims of the government purge who are deprived of legal rights for remedies under the state of emergency.

As long as the state of emergency remains in place, there is no chance for 135,000 public officials who are dismissed in different purge waves by decrees for seeking their rights at courts.


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