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UN Human Rights Council Approves Investigation into Rights Abuses in Yemen

The United Nations Human Rights Council on Friday adopted a resolution to establish an international investigation into human rights abuses and possible war crimes in Yemen.

The resolution in part “urges all parties to the armed conflict to take all the measures necessary to ensure effective, impartial and independent investigations into alleged violations of human rights and alleged violations of international humanitarian law.”

Additionally, it requests that the High Commissioner Zeid Ra’ad establish an expert working group with a mandate to examine and report on all alleged human rights and international law violations committed since September 2014.

The conflict, which began between Houthi rebel fighters and the government of President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi has led to the resurgence of al-Qaeda in Yemen, killed thousands of people and led to an outbreak of cholera and the risk of a man-made famine.

Saudi Arabia, which is leading coalition military actions in support of Mr. Hadi, had objected to the inquiry, requesting that the U.N. assist Yemen’s human rights body.

Yemen’s Cholera Outbreak Clouds Real Threat of Man-Made Starvation

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