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Zimbabwe’s Incoming Leader Mnangagwa Departs South Africa

Zimbabwe’s incoming leader Emmerson Mnangagwa met in South Africa with President Jacob Zuma Wednesday before taking a private jet to return to Zimbabwe.

Emmerson Mnangagwa, the incoming leader of Zimbabwe, left South Africa for his home country on Wednesday, after a meeting with President Jacob Zuma.

Mr. Mnangagwa, 75, is to be sworn in as Zimbabwe’s new leader Friday, following Robert Mugabe‘s stunning resignation amid impeachment proceedings against him.

After meeting with Zuma in Pretoria, Mr. Mnangagwa went to Johannesburg’s Lanseria airport where he boarded a jet that took off for Harare. Mr. Mnangagwa is expected to arrive at Manyame Air Base in the capital, Harare, where crowds have already gathered.

Singing and cheering, several hundred people have gathered outside the air force base in anticipation of Mr. Mnangagwa’s arrival.

Some carried printed signs with images of Mr. Mnangagwa, suggesting a significant level of organization behind the jubilant turnout. Signs read “Welcome back, our hero” and “True to your word, you’re back. Welcome.”

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