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This T-Shirt Will Land You In Prison In Turkey

Turkey literally started imposing fashion rules. If you wear a T-shirt emblazoned with HERO, you will face a certain arrest.

How it all started

The whole saga started after a coup suspect, Gokhan Guclu, wore HERO t-shirt to the court hearing.

People Protested With Traitor (Hain) T-shirts

Traitor T-shirts Hanged During Protests

More Protests

Protesters held traitor T-shirts.

Just Like In Guantanamo.

Turkish designers rushed to produce uniforms after Erdogan ordered to introduce jumpsuits — “Just like Guantanamo.”

Hero Hunting Started

Arrests Were Made

Man Rounded Up When He Was Dining In Cafe

Some Have No Idea Why They Are Arrested

Anyone Wearing Hero T-Shirt Is Being Arrested

More Arrests Were Made

Some Didn’t Know It Was Crime Wearing This T-Shirt

And More Arrests

Turkey Literally Has Fashion Police

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